Our Customers' Comments

       The ability to meet demanding schedules, technical knowledge, value, and peace of mind are just some of the reasons that Schneider Brothers Electric is Interscope's first choice for its power and control needs. They have demonstrated consistent success with challenging projects and they are our customer's preference as well.


D.H. -- Interscope Manufacturing Inc.

To Whom it May Concern:

Schneider Bros. Electric and Metalex Manufacturing, Inc. have been doing business for over 25 years. Schneider is more like a partner than a subcontractor. They have built many control panels for our Broach Building Division and have integrated many of the units that we manufacture for Procter & Gamble. Schneider also provides the electrification for all of our new machines and any of our machine moves. They have installed all of the wiring and lighting for the many building expansions over the years. Their employees are efficient and courteous and have vast knowledge of industrial electrification. Besides electric they have also designed and installed many Pneumatic systems for us.

Schneider's response time is prompt and their rates are fair. When necessary they have worked lots of overtime and even through the night to complete our projects on time. They have proven to be honest and committed teammates.

I personally GUARANTEE that if Schneider Bros. makes a commitment, you will be satisfied with their work!


B.L. -- Metalex Mfg. Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

We have been using the services of Schneider Brothers Electric for over 15 years now and their support and services have been excellent. Their attention to detail in panel design and ability to meet our ever tight schedules has been the key reasons we have used them in the past and continue to use them in the future. I would recommend their services anytime.


D.B. -- Alexander & Associates of Ontario

To Whom it May Concern,

       Working with Schneider Bros Electric the last 4 years has been nothing but enjoyable. The positive attitude and professionalism that all personnel demonstrates creates a unity between contractor and subcontractor that is second to none. The expertise of all employees eliminates electrical scope definition review from all projects. Extreme flexibility makes the electrical stage of all projects the lowest risk. On occasion Schneider Bros is asked to go above and beyond the initial request and they always do so with open arms and 100% success. Daily communication perfects their change management process. While working on site employees always abide by safety rules and regulations. The pride and attention to detail from all employees ultimately produce products that are errorless and highly praised among global end users.
       Along with onsite electrical integration Schneider Bros has also been solely responsible for supplying all control cabinets and electrical kits distributed globally. Schneider Bros completes shakedowns of all cabinets and kits in house before presenting to customer. Schneider Bros 100% quality rating eliminates all customer inspection efforts. This equipment is installed by plant personnel flawlessly.
       While interacting with Schneider Bros you feel and are treated like you are the only customer they have. The response time to issues and or delivery accelerations is immediate. I have discovered that Schneider Bros will always present plans and solutions to all seemingly impossible requests. Manpower and facility capacity has not once been mentioned after vigorous requests were presented. Without Schneider Bros electric the last 4 years of success and growth at TSS would have been extremely difficult. I would recommend Schneider Bros Electric to any other company looking to continue success and or growing their business.


L.D.B. -- TSS Technologies

To Whom it May Concern,

Dennmark Consultants, Inc. is pleased to have been involved with Schneider Brothers Electric for about the past 15 or so years. We have had the pleasure of having numerous control panels fabricated by Schneider Brothers that we have designed for our clients. We have also had the pleasure of being involved in custom machine design and assembly where Schneider Brothers executed the wiring, Pneumatic installation and Hydraulic installation of these custom machines. The one point that sets Schneider Brothers apart from other companies in this area is their attention to detail and flexibility. In our work the schedule starts as impossible and only gets worse as the project progresses, Schneider Brothers has always done whatever it took to keep us on schedule and completely satisfied. We highly recommend Schneider Brothers to any company that might need Control Panels fabricated or their assistance with Custom Machines.

L.O. -- Dennmark Consultants, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for the Schneider Brothers Electric company. Clopay Plastic Products has been using them to provide industrial control panels and industrial equipment wiring for over 10 years. All of their panels are of a high quality, professionally done, and accurate to the drawings we supplied. We have never had a single issue that we needed them to come out to fix, although they have people ready for that purpose if need be.

Their electricians that performed our industrial wiring have always been prompt, dedicated, professional, and extremely knowledgeable of electric codes and accepted practices. The have made recommendations for how to wire equipment that have saved us time and money, and made future maintenance and trouble-shooting easier.

Schneider Brothers has finished every job within the time we needed and their rates for panels and wiring are extremely reasonable. They get the job done right the first time, something which saves time and money. I highly recommend them to anyone who values quality, service and professionalism from their vendors.


J.E. -- Clopay Plastic Products Company

     I'm pretty much an old-timer and I've been around the block. Naturally, I've made some personal connections over time. In 1990, I was working on a large project and the design phase was nearly complete. I recommended my favorite electrical assembly vendor to my manager and I was immediately shot down.

     My manager said, "No. It's all going to Schneider Brothers", as if I were an idiot to recommend anyone else. I was shocked and rather disappointed. But the following weeks proved the manager's wisdom. Their enclosure layouts were clean, clean, clean.

     Since 1990, I've been a true believer. Throughout all projects, they have retained a common thread of "skill and tenacity when under pressure." It's true. They really do jump through the circle of fire, whenever necessary. Meanwhile, they manage to remain glued to the leading edge of technology. And all the while you simply know that Schneider Brothers is a kind, helping hand in the process. Someone you can rely on.

     They work with you as friends and they mean it. Whenever I'm on the road, in North America, Europe, or Asia, and I see an enclosure with an insignia that says "Made by Schneider Brothers Electric" I know I can trust it. I'm home.


W.W. -- Independent Contractor

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